We are delighted to present our first gold partner in France

  • Progressis

    Progressis is a recruitment agency specialized in the assistant, HR and legal secretary professions.

We can also present our silver partners

  • Millennium Hotels

  • Châteauform

  • CGS Taxis

  • Fed Office

    Fed Office, which has team members in Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and Paris, specializes in the recruitment of Personal, Executive and Administrative Assistants, Office Managers and General Services staff. We can provide you with the necessary expertise for all your fixed-term assignment, temporary employment or permanent contract needs.

Our partners also include

  • Assistante Plus

    Assistant(e) Plus has published media dedicated to the PA profession since 1999, including a quarterly magazine and bonus issues with “best practices”, a job site and practical tips, weekly newsletters, social media and a community with more than 150 000 members. We also organise networking events every month in Paris (5) and in the different regions of France(8). Come and see us!

  • Dominique Charmes

    Dominique Charmes is a certified coach who offers her services to companies and well as individuals.

  • Pourparlers

    Interpreting specialists who help you to organize your meeting in several languages.

  • Activ'Assistant

    A subsidiary of the Réunir Group launched in 1986, Activ'Assistante publishes news, information, fact sheets and job offers for personal assistants, secretaries, executive assistants and office managers.

    A completely free magazine (webzine, e-magazine, newsletter…), Activ'Assistante organizes corporate events including the Salon Activ'Assistante where IMA always has a privileged position, workshops (party in January, the annual celebration of assistants in April) and evenings reserved for members of the Activ'Assistante Circle, the only Think Tank for the profession. Sign up for their newsletters and follow their events!

  • Hotel Barrière

    With Hôtels Barrière every destination is a new journey, a new opportunity to spark your curiosity and awaken your senses. Choose Deauville for its impressionist landscapes, Cannes for its Mediterranean colours, or Paris for its innate romanticism. Opt for a moment of wellbeing in the heart of Alsace or La Baule, or explore the mysteries of Marrakech... Every desire has a 4 or 5-star Barrière establishment to match it. Close your eyes and breathe: you are at home...

  • Sylvie Seksek

    Sylvie Seksek acts as an independent consultant, trainer and facilitator. Her areas of expertise are secretarial and office management fields. Sylvie worked for more than 20 years as an executive assistant, legal assistant and office manager for prestigious international law firms and investment funds, before moving on to work as a freelance. She now provides auditing, recruitment services and support for office manager and executive assistant jobs. Sylvie speaks French, English and Italian.

  • Ecoles Carcado

    Carcado High School located in the 6th district of Paris offers their many students 6 post A-level two-year courses. Two of these courses are specialized in the assistant position. The first: Personal Assistant course, the second, Small and medium size company management assistant and management of
    commercial units.

    The educational team at Carcado-Saisseval works to pass on the following values, which are : • welcoming and guiding young people, • allowing them to experiment and get involved in social life, • broadening their cultural and linguistic horizons, • educating them to freedom and interiority, • guiding them in their diversity, • prioritizing partnership and networks, • raising their awareness on vulnerable / emergency situations and to be "aware of the world around us"

    IMA plays a role in the selection of the candidates and our aim is to assist young people to find their first professional experience.

  • Nathalie Oundjian

    Photographe Free Lance depuis 1997-Spécialisée en Communication d’Entreprise Photographe professionnelle basée à Paris. Je me passionne pour le monde de l’entreprise car il y tant d’aspects à mettre en valeur : ses innovations, ses équipes, ses spécificités, sa culture, en somme, son identité. Elle offre de multiples possibilités de formats pour les prises de vue qui sont autant de créations pour lesquelles j’assure également la direction artistique : reportages, portraits, lumière jour ou encore studio photo mobile.

    Je suis à votre disposition pour vos Reportages: Corporate Identity-Portraits-Réseauxsociaux-Event- Communication


  • Frédérique Van Houtte

    Frédérique Van Houtte is a Professional Certified Coach & EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique: similar to acupuncture without the needles, to relieve one’s stress and emotions).

    Frédérique is passionate about people and, for the past 5 years, she has dedicated her work to help people succeed in all their life transitions, whether they be personal (boost self-confidence, self-esteem, develop leadership, free oneself from addictions...), relational (improve communication, personal and professional relationships, public speaking, ...) or professional (change jobs/career, prepare for interviews, ask for new responsibilities/a raise...). A few coaching sessions will have a great impact on those who aspire to change and haven’t managed to make the necessary steps to provoke change alone, by themselves.

    A first FREE contact with Frédérique will help you both determine whether coaching is the best answer for you.

  • Cegos

  • Delphine Sala