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Thursday 13 Jan - Thursday 13 Jan

Dîner de Noël

Dîner de Noël au Marty

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Wednesday 16 Feb - Wednesday 16 Feb

Du Sorry au Storytelling


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Saturday 19 Mar - Saturday 19 Mar

Retrouvailles IMA

Retrouvailles IMA

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Thursday 31 Mar - Thursday 31 Mar

Review of the Spring Council

Review of the Spring Council at the San Regis Hotel, Thursday 31 March at 7pm.

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Wednesday 6 Apr - Wednesday 6 Apr

Global Skills Matrix Presentation


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Wednesday 11 May - Wednesday 11 May

Ethnologie du bureau par Pascal Dibie

Pascal Dibie, Ethnologue, nous invite avec son livre à  un voyage sur nous-même au travers du travail et le fait d’être au bureau. Du moine bénédictin au nomadisme numérique du co-working.

Il nous fait prendre conscience de la complexité de nos vies assises. Ce qui fait du bureau et du travail sédentaire le centre du développement de nos vies modernes.

Inscription :

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Saturday 14 May - Saturday 14 May

Annual General Meeting

For Members only

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Saturday 11 Jun - Saturday 11 Jun

Training Day

Training Day - June 11, 2022 - "Before vacations, I reclaim confidence!"

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Friday 17 Jun

Visit of the Metafore Hotel in Vincennes

Host: Agathe Alaouchiche

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Saturday 25 Jun - Saturday 25 Jun

Workshop: "The Climate Fresco", followed by Outdoor activity

Workshop:  10:00 - 13:00, "The Climate Fresco", by Marianne Laval

Lunch: 13:00 - 14:00 

Outdoor activity: 14:00 - 17:00

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Saturday 27 Aug - Sunday 28 Aug

Treasure Hunt

Annual Treasure Hunt in Paris

We are very happy to invite you for our annual Treasure Hunt in Paris that will take place on Saturday August 27 morning.

If you love Parisian architecture, then this tour is made for you! 

We will start from 10am till noon and finish with a lunch together.

📍Meeting point: 1 Place de l'Alma
 Your partners / children are welcome to join us.

👉🏼Please register:


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Saturday 24 Sep - Saturday 24 Sep

Atelier cuisine

Atelier cuisine chez Suzanne pour se retrouver à la rentrée.

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Thursday 20 Oct

Outlook Tips & Tricks by Maeva Chelly

We invite you to our next workshop "Outlook tips and tricks", presented by Maeva Chelly 🔥

📆Thursday, October 20, 2022 
🕖7 pm
📍Schlumberger - 42, rue Saint-Dominique - 75017 Paris

💁‍♀️Welcome and 🍹cocktail at 6:30.

This workshop will be delivered in hybrid (👧🏽face-to-face & 👩🏽‍💻distance).

🎫Registration required:

 #schlumberger #paris

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Thursday 26 Jan - Thursday 26 Jan

IMA Spain and IMA France Meet!

IMA France & IMA Spain Meet!

First encounter online France - Spain

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Saturday 29 Apr - Saturday 29 Apr

26th International Training Day 2023 - Advance your career through storytelling!

We meet in beautiful Cyprus for a more hands-on take on the theme Storytelling.

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Friday 27 Oct - Friday 27 Oct

49th International Annual Conference 2023 - Company culture Ambassador

We meet in Cape Town for this historical event - our first outside of Europe.

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Saturday 13 Apr - Saturday 13 Apr

27th International Training Day 2024 - Company culture Ambassador

More info to come - stay tuned. Venue is Rome, Italy.

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Friday 18 Oct

50th International Annual Conference 2024 - AI/Metaverse

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Stockholm. In 2024, IMA celebrates our 50th Anniversary - a very special occasion!

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Future events 


March/April - IMA 28th International Training Day, Rotterdam, the Netherlands - theme is AI/Metaverse

October - IMA 51st International Annual Conference, Ghent, Belgium


March/April - IMA 29th International Training Day, Paris, France

October -  IMA 52nd International Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany.

Constant Training and Development is crucial for every professional career.

It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in our rapidly changing business lives.

We offer international training to provide our members with all the modern knowledge they need to succeed in their business environments.