Members' Meeting - 4th March 2021

Update on:

  • Extraordinary Full Concil (27-02-2021)

  • Training Day (27-03-2021)

  • Contribution of IMA France to 2021 WA Summit

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Training Day

2 sessions

1st session with Andréa Watts

The theme of your coaching with collage session is "Why did I choose this career path?" Exploring this allows you to reconnect with the values, strengths and aspirations that guided your choice.

Andréa specialises in speaking about the power of images and collage to motivate and influence decision making and behavioural change. With over 5 years’ experience working in this field; she shares her knowledge and experience of harnessing the power of images for personal and professional development.

2nd session with Jenny Garrett OBE

Workshop on your "Value / Purpose". You will work on your objectives according to your own values.

Jenny Garrett OBE is an Award Winning Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Author In 2006 Jenny founded her business, and now alongside her team works with individuals and organisations, supporting them to achieve career and life changing results. Using their unique combination of skills around gender balance, leadership, inclusion and self-improvement to inspire and empower.

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Please note the following:

There will be morning and afternoon sessions

You'll leave this training feeling inspired and rejuvenated, ready to lead every day!