Presentation of the BeHave COMPASS® model and its applications - 04-05-2021 at 19:00pm

The BeHave COMPASS® profile is a module that combines 3 personality measurement tools: ⭐ In the 1st part, your static profile the BPS® (BeHave Positioning System) which defines the 8 fundamental intrinsic psychological components. ⭐ In the 2nd part, your dynamic profile, the S.E.T.I® (Solidity, Energy, Transport, Inspiration) which indicate your professional behavioural positioning in usual and stressful situations. ⭐ In the 3rd part, your Warnings, which indicate valuable insights into how you express stress when the environment becomes more challenging.

The BeHave COMPASS® profile will allow you to: ⭐ Identify your strengths and areas for development in terms of attitudes and behaviours. ⭐ Measure the gaps between your personality and other personality types. ⭐ Identify your ability to adapt to other personality types. ⭐ Understand your limits and how you communicate under stress.

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IMA Talk "Career development advice" with Catherine Duval - 06-05-2021 at 19:00pm

Catherine Duval will present her career counselling programme and propose an offer over several weeks.

Please note that this webinar will be held in French.

Spring is slowly setting in and to brighten up your day, we're offering a webinar on career development advice.

In May, don't we say, do whatever you want!

So don't hesitate and discover what Catherine Duval has to offer:

Catherine Duval will guide you to enable you to move forward faster and more effectively.

♦ She will guide you on : - taking up a position - changing positions - the definition of a professional project - the job search strategy - job search techniques - communication on LinkedIn - driving out stress and negative emotions.

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Eye Yoga with Xanath Lichy - 27-05-2021 at 19:00pm via Teams

After more than a year of telecommuting in conditions that are not always optimal, how can we repair our bodies and especially our eyes that are constantly solicited? Xanath has developed a method of EYE YOGA, his book is already a success in bookstores, and he travels throughout France for conferences.

Xanath proposes an alternative approach to keep or regain a good physical sight, but also to see more clearly in oneself and in one's life.

We are waiting for you on May 27th at 7pm on Teams for an I FEEL GOOD session!

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Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 29th from 09:00am - 13:00pm

Agenda & notification to come soon.